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Get a grip on your game

by The Volkl Tennis Canada Team ⋅ June 13, 2020

Understanding and taking good care of your grip helps to maximize the playability of any tennis racquet. Just because a replacement grip or an overgrip does not appear worn out, it does not make it usable. First, it is important to distinguish each type of grip on a racquet (replacement grips and overgrips) to understand their benefits.

Replacement grips


The replacement grip is the base grip on a tennis racquet. It is distinguishable from an overgrip for it is cushiony and very hard to remove from the racquet (it is glued with double-sided tape). Its main purpose is for comfort and shock absorption.

Replacement grips come in a variety of sorts such as slick (for tackiness), perforated (for sweat absorption), thin synthetic or leather (for increased sensations). Even when used in combination with an overgrip, the replacement grip needs to be changed. With time, used or unused, the replacement grip loses its benefits and must be replaced.

Overgrips are easy to remove and replace, however, it is not the case of replacement grips since they use glue to hold it in place. It is highly recommended that a replacement grip is changed by a racquet technician to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.

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Overgrips are thin strips that generally have one side smooth (surface used to make contact with the tennis player’s hands), one rough side (that goes on the replacement grip).

They are also far easier and faster to replace than replacement grips.

They have many properties such as sweat absorption, tackiness, and comfort.

Since they are very easy to change, it is useful to carry different types of overgrips to use during various weather conditions.

Being more knowledgeable about replacement grips and overgrips will not only help a tennis player get better playability out of a tennis racquet but also reduce the strain on the arms and hands. Some injuries can be caused by excessive squeezing of a slippery grip. Taking care of a tennis grip is essential thus worth examining regularly. As always, a racquet technician can help address this situation and guide you towards the right choice of grip and overgrip.


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